Serbia allocates 150 million euros a year to increase energy efficiency

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Increasing energy efficiency is an important project for the state, which will support it with significant investments, but also for citizens who will have lower bills thanks to energy savings.
As it was announced from the Ministry of Mining and Energy, the state spends at least 150 million euros a year on increasing energy efficiency, and pointed out that due to poor insulation, Serbia consumes four to five times more electricity and heat than the EU.
– About 40 percent of energy is “thrown away” because it is not used rationally – it is stated in the announcement.
It was also announced that the Energy Efficiency Directorate will be formed within a month, within the line ministry.
– The time has come for us to deal with it seriously, which the citizens have recognized. Everyone will be able to apply for subsidies, and family houses, and housing communities, as well as those who use individual fireplaces for heating and want to switch to more efficient boilers, gas and biomass that pollute less than other fuels – the statement said.
The Ministry is announcing a public call for cities and municipalities, and it is expected that those who already have a certain amount of money allocated for those purposes will apply first.
It was clarified that local self-governments will announce two public calls, one for companies that will work on replacing carpentry, and the other for citizens who want to apply for subsidies, and who will be able to cover about 50 percent of costs from the Administration and local self-government units.
As she said, a special rulebook will be adopted, which will define the exact procedure, and cities and municipalities will have their own commissions that will perform inspections on the ground as well.
It was emphasized that they will work on increasing energy efficiency this year through a pilot project, which, as she says, should show the interest of citizens, how much money is available and the first results.
It was additionally announced that contracts will soon be signed with cities and municipalities for projects to increase energy efficiency in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, health centers worth a total of about 4.2 million euros, of which 2.4 million euros from the Budget Fund for Energy Efficiency.
This project includes 21 municipalities and various projects such as the Health Center in Majdanpek, primary schools in Nis, modernization of public lighting in Blace.
– More than 4,000 students go to the schools covered by this project. When the project is realized, students will stay in schools where it will not be too hot in summer and cold in winter, but they will be able to see how important it is to take care of energy – it was said in the announcement and added that 50 or 60 years have not been invested in those schools but that thanks to that project, it will be more adequate for work, and it will have, she pointed out, lower bills for consumed energy, Srbija Danas reports.