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Serbia’s Institute for Artificial Intelligence celebrates three years of innovation and growth

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The Institute for Artificial Intelligence of Serbia (IVI) celebrated three years of groundbreaking work and remarkable achievements in the field of artificial intelligence. During this milestone event, the institute showcased all pivotal projects and scientific breakthroughs accomplished by its researchers within this relatively short timeframe. There was a notable emphasis on the practical implementation of AI solutions across sectors such as energy, healthcare, biotechnology, and environmental conservation.

The institute openly acknowledges that the past three years have been a journey marked by challenges and triumphs alike. Despite this, Serbia has made substantial strides in both the development and application of artificial intelligence, laying a solid foundation for future innovations poised to significantly impact society.

Dubravko Ćulibrk, the acting director of IVI, remarked, “Our efforts have not only enriched the academic community but have also forged new pathways for AI application in addressing real-world problems. This marks just the beginning; we are committed to exploring further possibilities and aspiring to lead in scientific and technological advancements.”

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The event served as a platform to highlight various applications of artificial intelligence algorithms in production and planning processes, alongside the utilization of machine learning models for text analysis. Particularly noteworthy was the significance of machine learning models in biotechnology and medicine, including the design and validation of therapeutic peptides and small molecules, as well as the verification of information generated by generative language models.

In a significant move, plans are underway to invest €100 million in AI development over the next two years, underscoring the continued focus on advancing artificial intelligence in Serbia. This investment is set to be guided by the forthcoming Artificial Intelligence Development Strategy by 2030, which will be prioritized by the new government alongside its accompanying action plan. The ultimate aim is for Serbia to emerge as a regional leader in this domain, as emphasized during the NALED eGovernment Alliance session.

Serbia’s proactive approach to AI development is evident from its adoption of the first AI development strategy in 2019, positioning the country as a pioneer in Southeast Europe and globally. Moreover, Serbia’s participation in initiatives such as the Global Partnership for Artificial Intelligence and the AI Governance Alliance of the World Economic Forum reflects its commitment to international collaboration in advancing AI technologies.

The establishment of several innovation centers across major cities in Serbia over the past three years further underscores the nation’s dedication to fostering technological advancement. For instance, the expansion of the Scientific-Technological Park in Niš will create additional opportunities for growth within the IT sector, contributing to job creation and economic development.

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