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Serbia and China forge deeper ties: Finance Minister reveals key agreements and investment prospects

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Serbia’s Finance Minister, Siniša Mali, revealed that more than 29 cooperation agreements will be inked during the visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping. He hinted at a substantial investment in a promising sector, to be discussed further tomorrow.

In an interview with RTS, Mali emphasized that the talks with Xi Jinping present an opportunity to review the achievements of the previous period. He recalled Xi’s own acknowledgment of the successful collaboration between China and Serbia, which includes landmark projects like the Smederevo Steel Plant and the Belgrade-Budapest high-speed railway, alongside various other Chinese investments and factories across Serbia.

“This is a testament to our fruitful partnership with China, characterized by a focus on projects that directly benefit Serbian citizens,” Mali underscored.

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Highlighting the employment opportunities provided by Chinese enterprises in Serbia and their contributions to the country’s exports, Mali described it as a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Mali also underscored Serbia’s commitment to attracting further investments, fostering innovation, and shaping the development of artificial intelligence. He announced a slew of agreements to be signed tomorrow, spanning sectors like healthcare, biotechnology, and agriculture, all aimed at bolstering Serbia’s growth trajectory.

Touching upon the impending Free Trade Agreement with China, set to kick off on July 1st, Mali assured that Serbia has meticulously analyzed each product covered by the agreement to safeguard its domestic producers while leveraging the opportunities for export growth.

Looking ahead, Mali stressed the importance of ongoing international partnerships, emphasizing that Serbia views protectionism as counterproductive in the long run. He painted a picture of immense potential for Serbian exports, particularly in key sectors like agriculture and pharmaceuticals, enabled by the forthcoming free trade agreement.

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Mali concluded by underlining the significance of President Xi’s visit, both economically and politically, citing the deep trust and mutual respect shared between Serbia and China. He portrayed the visit as a transformative opportunity for Serbia, aligning with China’s growth trajectory and unlocking vast potentials for mutual collaboration in the years to come.

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