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Serbia’s economic agenda: A discussion on growth plans and international collaboration

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The meeting between Serbia’s First Vice-President of the Government and Minister of Finance, Sinisa Mali, and the United States Ambassador to Serbia, Christopher Hill, centered on various economic matters, Serbia’s preparations for hosting the International Specialized Exhibition EXPO, and prospects for project development. They also delved into the Reform Agenda within the Growth Plan for the Western Balkans, recently adopted by the European Commission, highlighting Serbia’s commitment to ongoing reform efforts, yielding positive economic outcomes.

Mali emphasized Serbia’s steadfast economic progress, citing a 4.6 percent GDP growth in the first quarter of the year and a 2.5 percent growth in the preceding year, contrasting with the EU’s 0.4 percent growth. He underscored Serbia’s burgeoning reputation among investors, bolstered by its perceived investment rating, reflected in government bond prices.

Asserting that visionary leadership is crucial for economic advancement, Mali commended President Aleksandar Vučić’s strategic direction. Amid global challenges, Mali expressed confidence in Serbia’s resilience, citing its demonstrated stability and capacity to navigate turbulent economic periods.

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While affirming Serbia’s commitment to its European trajectory, Mali highlighted the nation’s strategic approach to leveraging existing markets through free trade agreements while awaiting full EU membership. He outlined ambitious infrastructure projects, including a new bridge over the Sava River, a central Belgrade tunnel, an Opera House, and the refurbishment of six museums, underscoring the imperative of enhancing economic competitiveness.

In conclusion, Mali advocated for a balanced approach to economic protectionism, emphasizing the importance of fostering competitiveness, a goal Serbia has successfully pursued.

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