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Elixir Group to begin construction of liquid fertilizer factory in Prahovo, creating hundreds of jobs

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Elixir Group announced today its upcoming venture into constructing a liquid fertilizer factory in Prahovo, alongside the crystal fertilizer factory already underway. This initiative is part of the “Prahovo2027” investment cycle, encompassing various technologically-driven projects with a combined value exceeding 300 million euros. The new factory is expected to generate 200 to 300 job opportunities.

In collaboration with the German company “K+S,” a leader in potassium component production and distribution, Elixir has commenced construction on a crystalline water-soluble fertilizer factory for mono-ammonium phosphate (MAP) within the chemical industry complex in Prahovo.

Scheduled for 2025, the next phase involves building a factory for manufacturing liquid and water-soluble powder fertilizers. Elixir Group emphasized the global population’s recent surge to eight billion by the end of 2022, projecting it to reach around 10 billion by mid-century. In response to escalating food production demands, efficient plant nutrient utilization is imperative for sustainable agriculture.

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Recognizing the pivotal role of fertilizers in meeting future agricultural needs, the group highlighted ongoing innovations tailored to propel growth in the global plant nutrition sector. With the escalating global population, food production sustainability emerges as a strategic priority. United Nations data forecasts a 70% increase in food demand by 2050, necessitating a 50% boost in global agricultural productivity. Consequently, the mineral fertilizer market is rapidly evolving to embrace new agricultural production technologies and environmental preservation mandates.

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