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Advancing Serbia’s energy sector: Collaborative efforts for block B3 completion at Kostolac TPP

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The discussion revolved around the imminent completion of Block B3 at the Kostolac Thermal Power Plant, a pivotal endeavor for Serbia’s energy infrastructure.

Describing it as a cornerstone project, Mali emphasized deliberations on overcoming construction challenges and expediting progress. He underscored its significance as Serbia’s first operational unit since 1991 and hinted at forthcoming meetings within the next ten days to propel the project forward.

Mali stressed the necessity for joint monitoring of work dynamics by both Chinese and Serbian stakeholders over the ensuing months.

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“This colossal undertaking holds strategic importance for the Republic of Serbia, and our collaborative efforts aim to expedite its completion,” highlighted Siniša Mali, expressing gratitude for the constructive discourse. He outlined that Block B3’s anticipated 350-megawatt capacity will fortify Serbia’s energy grid with added long-term security.

With Block B3, Mali underscored the acquisition of a state-of-the-art power facility, the first of its kind in nearly four decades, signifying a leap towards Serbia’s energy autonomy and steadfast supply for its populace and industries.

Mali noted the robust cooperation between China and Serbia across various domains, with energy cooperation being a cornerstone, attributed to the amicable relations between Presidents Aleksandar Vučić and Xi Jinping.

“Serbia and China share a resilient friendship, bolstered by President Aleksandar Vučić and President Xi Jinping’s amiable rapport,” reiterated the Deputy Prime Minister, highlighting the fruitful outcomes of their collaboration.

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Expressing appreciation for the trust vested, Lo Ćei affirmed CMEC’s keenness for continued collaboration on forthcoming ventures.

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