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Serbia’s energy sector: Advancing transmission infrastructure

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The Energy Agency of the Republic of Serbia’s Council has approved the Transmission System Development Plan for the 2023-2032 period and the Investment Plan in the Transmission System for 2023-2025, proposed by the Transmission System Operator, ElektromreĹža Srbije (EMS AD).

According to the Agency’s statement, the ten-year Transmission System Development Plan adheres to the Energy Law and is in line with Serbia’s Energy Development Strategy until 2025, extending to 2030 and the Strategy Implementation Program.

The comprehensive ten-year plan meets the legal requirement for the transmission system operator to consider the regional investment plan within the Pan-European Ten-Year Development Plan prepared by the Association of European Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E). The development planning took into account the distribution system operator’s needs for constructing new facilities, connecting production and customer facilities to the transmission system, and upgrading the power grid infrastructure – the statement outlines.

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The Investment Plan for the next three years outlines investment needs from national, regional, and European perspectives. Its execution will significantly enhance transmission capacities, foster further electricity market growth, bolster transmission system reliability and consumer supply security, and facilitate the integration of new electricity sources.

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