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Somnis bedding expands operations to Novi Bečej with new factory

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Belgian company Somnis Bedding, through its Serbian entity, has acquired 30 hectares of land in the newly developed industrial zone Izlaz, located in Novi Bečej. The company has initiated construction on the Kumanačko road, with plans to establish a factory for manufacturing mattresses and other bedding products.

Director Cedric De Mola stated that Berilija, the Serbian subsidiary, is expected to commence operations soon. As the construction of the industrial zone progresses, the construction of the new factory will commence, aimed at producing mattresses and related bedding items in Novi Bečej.

De Mol emphasized the company’s commitment to building a capable workforce by seeking candidates from various fields, including accounting, IT, graphic design, sales, and marketing. He highlighted the importance of developing a skilled local workforce to support the company’s operations effectively.

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The investment, totaling over 10 million EUR, is anticipated to create job opportunities for approximately 120 workers in the initial phase. The Provincial Secretary for Regional Development, Interregional Cooperation, and Local Self-Government, Aleksandar Sofić, previously announced the significant investment by Somnis Bedding in Novi Bečej.

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