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Gazprom Neft, the largest taxpayer in Serbia, operates lawfully

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Russian President Vladimir Putin, in a meeting with the winners of the Leaders of Russia competition, praised Gazprom Neft as the largest taxpayer in Serbia and emphasized its commitment to legal compliance. Vladislav Vahnin, Head of the Department of Potential Management and Integrated Modeling at Gazprom Neft Shelf LLC, discussed the company’s work during the meeting, highlighting its focus on high-tech solutions and the implementation of new technologies.

President Putin commended Gazprom Neft’s promising trajectory, citing its significant contribution as the largest taxpayer in Serbia. He acknowledged the company’s substantial presence in the country, noting its adherence to local laws and commendable efficiency. Gazprom Neft, which holds a 50 percent stake in the Serbian Oil Industry (NIS), is recognized for its responsible business conduct and innovative initiatives.

It is worth noting that NIS, a Serbian company with Gazprom Neft as a major shareholder, owns the refinery in Pančevo, with the Government of Serbia (29.87 percent) and Gazprom (6.15 percent) among its key shareholders.

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