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American Chamber of Commerce in Serbia advocates for ongoing economic progress

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The new government of Serbia is urged to persist in advancing the economic landscape, with a specific focus on furthering digital transformation within public administration, implementing eco-friendly initiatives for a cleaner, more energy-efficient Serbia, enhancing the healthcare system, and ensuring a stable fiscal environment. This recommendation comes from the American Chamber of Commerce in Serbia, as communicated yesterday.

Stefan Lazarević, president of the chamber, emphasized the importance of the government’s commitment to responsible economic and fiscal policies, coupled with a clear dedication to systemic reforms. Lazarević stressed that such efforts are crucial for mitigating the impact of crises and enhancing the overall business environment. The chamber pledges continued support, viewing it as essential for fostering an attractive investment climate, bolstering employment, and ultimately improving the quality of life for Serbian citizens.

The chamber’s advocacy extends to several key areas, including streamlining administrative procedures, embracing e-documentation, and establishing digital platforms for seamless document exchange. They highlight the necessity of modern infrastructure development to facilitate the adoption of cutting-edge technologies like 5G. Additionally, cybersecurity measures, adhering to international standards, are emphasized to safeguard against potential threats, while cloud technologies are promoted for robust data storage solutions.

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Furthermore, the chamber underscores the importance of prioritizing eco-friendly policies, advocating for investments in renewable energy sources and the development of efficient energy storage and distribution systems. They recommend the introduction of a deposit system for packaging waste management to alleviate the burden on taxpayers and municipalities.

Regarding fiscal matters, the chamber emphasizes the need for a predictable tax regime and the reduction of parafiscal burdens to attract potential investors. Additionally, measures to combat the shadow economy and strengthen inspection controls are deemed critical for curbing illicit trade activities.

In summary, the chamber’s recommendations underscore the importance of sustained efforts towards economic development, positioning Serbia as an attractive destination for investment, and fostering long-term prosperity for its citizens.

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