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Serbia and Italy forge economic partnerships at Trieste Business Forum

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At the Trieste Business Forum today, five significant agreements are set to be signed, marking a new chapter in economic cooperation between Serbia and Italy. Among the highlights is a 100 million euro loan from the Italian development bank CDP to the Electric Power Company of Serbia (EPS) to support its decarbonization efforts.

Additionally, a partnership between Telekom and the Italian company “Sace” is expected, with Sace providing guarantees totaling 150 million euros out of a 200 million euro package. In exchange, Telekom will prioritize collaboration with Italian firms, particularly in the IT sector, commercial distribution and television rights.

Another agreement involving “Sace” will see the provision of a 160 million euro loan guarantee to the Ministry of Finance of Serbia, aimed at enhancing commercial ties in key sectors such as transportation, tourism, telecommunications, energy, and IT.

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Furthermore, “Simest,” an organization dedicated to assisting Italian companies in global expansion, will sign an agreement with the Development Agency of Serbia (RAS) to foster joint investment opportunities and strengthen bilateral relations.

Lastly, “Finest,” specializing in business internationalization, and RAS will ink a pact aimed at enhancing cooperation through information exchange, joint seminars, staff training, and collaborative discussions on business prospects. These agreements signify a concerted effort to deepen economic ties and promote mutual growth between Serbia and Italy.

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