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Advancing excellence: Milan Blagojević – Namenska’s strategic growth initiatives

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The renowned military factory “Milan Blagojević – Namenska” AD Lučani, a stalwart presence in the industry for 75 years, remains steadfast in its commitment to growth and advancement. With new investments on the horizon, the company aims to solidify its leading position in the defense sector.

“Our upcoming plans entail entering our third investment cycle. Currently, we’re significantly expanding our capacities to meet the soaring global demand for our products. Despite geopolitical challenges, we’re determined to enhance our offerings and remain competitive,” stated Predrag Ilić, the company’s General Director.

In line with this vision, “MB-Namenska” will diversify its product range to include three-phase gunpowder, a highly sought-after artillery component. “This expansion aligns with our strategy to meet evolving market needs. We’re committed to bringing our new product to market within the next three years,” added Ilić, underscoring the company’s proactive approach.

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Over the past five years, the Serbian Government has injected 12 million euros into the company, while “Milan Blagojević – Namenska” has independently invested 37.4 million euros in infrastructure, equipment, and safety measures. Dr. Nenad Miloradović, Assistant Minister of Defense for Material Resources, emphasized the enduring importance of a robust defense industry in safeguarding national interests.

“Recent global and regional developments underscore the indispensable role of our defense sector. Both the government and the president have prioritized strengthening our defense capabilities, recognizing the evolving security landscape. As we move forward, we’re preparing for additional strategic investments to ensure the continued resilience of our defense industry and the armed forces,” stated Miloradović, highlighting the government’s commitment to fortifying the nation’s defense capabilities.

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