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IMF talks conclude: Serbia’s strong macroeconomic performance underlined

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The National Bank of Serbia (NBS) announced today the successful conclusion of talks between the International Monetary Fund (IMF) mission and the delegation of the Republic of Serbia. These discussions were held as part of the third review of the implementation of the Stand-by Arrangement (SBA) economic program, which was initiated in December 2022.

Emphasizing the resilience of Serbia’s macroeconomic landscape, the NBS highlighted several positive outcomes from the discussions. Firstly, key achievements such as disinflation, bolstering foreign exchange reserves to record highs, and maintaining a robust labor market were underscored, indicating the country’s economic strength.

Moreover, it was confirmed during the talks that all quantitative targets set for the conclusion of 2023 have been successfully met. This underscores the commitment of Serbian authorities to adhering to the prescribed economic program, reflecting fiscal prudence and stability.

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The discussions also touched upon the trajectory of economic growth, which indicated a positive recovery trend. Additionally, Serbia’s solid fiscal position and the progress in implementing structural reforms were acknowledged as noteworthy aspects of the economic program’s advancement.

Throughout the numerous meetings, macroeconomic developments, economic prospects, potential risks, and key issues pertaining to program implementation were thoroughly deliberated upon, showcasing a comprehensive review of Serbia’s economic landscape and its adherence to the SBA.

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