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Serbia establishes office for public and cultural diplomacy: Government initiatives and collaborations

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The Serbian government has taken a significant step by introducing a regulation to establish the Office for Public and Cultural Diplomacy. This move aims to further promote the nation’s interests by showcasing its values and objectives to both domestic and international audiences.

According to an official statement, the Office’s primary goal will be to facilitate better information dissemination while providing expert support to the government. Additionally, it will actively participate in organizing and endorsing events that highlight Serbia’s rich cultural heritage, history, spirituality, art, language, science, and sports on a global scale.

In parallel, the government addressed the pressing need for constructing gas pipeline infrastructure to ensure a reliable natural gas supply in Novi Sad and bolster supply security across the region. As part of this effort, a recommendation was made for the Public Enterprise Srbijagas to initiate necessary actions for the development of these critical pipeline facilities.

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The government also approved agreements and memoranda of understanding with the Republic of Gabon, focusing on defense and sports collaborations. Additionally, consent was granted for the finalization of a Memorandum of Understanding involving key stakeholders from Beijing, Zhongguancun Science Park, and the Serbian Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation, along with the BIO4 campus.

Furthermore, the government endorsed negotiations for an agreement with Japan to mutually encourage and safeguard investments, signaling a commitment to fostering economic ties between the two nations.

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