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Belgrade-based startup Collabwriting secures 1.1 million euro funding round

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The startup Kolabvrajiting (Collabwriting), co-founded by Sandra Iđoški and Ivan Ralić, has continued to attract investor confidence following its success at last year’s “How to Web” conference, where it secured 880,000 euros in funding. In a new funding round, the startup has raised 1.1 million euros, led by SMOK Ventures and supported by Anderline Ventures, Kredo, Fiedler, Fortek, Startap WYs Geis, V7 Kapital, and investor Ksenia Munten. With this fresh investment, the Belgrade-based startup plans to enhance its “Collabwriting for Teams” platform, integrate new AI features, expand its team, and grow its user base.

Established in December 2021, Collabwriting aims to streamline online research processes and facilitate collaboration in this domain. During product testing and marketing, the founders observed that Collabwriting’s potential extended beyond mere information gathering, attracting users from diverse fields such as law, consulting, and research and development. Currently, the platform boasts over 1,700 active weekly users, with a team-oriented version set to launch soon.

Reflecting on their journey, Sandra Iđoški shares her excitement about participating in the How to Web conference, describing it as a transformative experience. She expresses gratitude for connecting with a supportive community of investors eager to contribute to their growth trajectory. Ivan Ralić emphasizes Collabwriting’s unique approach, focusing on empowering users to translate gathered information into innovative ideas, providing them with a competitive edge.

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