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Serbia can count on continued support from Brazil-Jeremic

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Minister of Foreign Affairs Vuk Jeremic said yesterday after talks with Foreign Minister Antonio Patriota that Serbia can count on continued support from Brazil in the political sense, which is of paramount importance, especially when it comes to the issue of Kosovo-Metohija.

Jeremic, who in Rio de Janeiro where he is taking part in the work of the World Economic Forum on Latin America, said in a statement to the Fonet news agency that during the meeting with Patriota they confirmed full continuity of relations between the two countries.

He said that they agreed on the necessity of launching an international investigation into the trafficking of human organs in Kosovo and added that Serbia can count on the support of Brazil, which is a member of the UN Security Council.

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The Minister pointed out that one of the issues discussed was the expansion of economic cooperation and recalled that Brazil is one of the most dynamically growing economies of the world.

Jeremic announced that a business delegation from Serbia will visit Brazil next month, while a return visit of businessmen from Brazil to Belgrade is expected in August.


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