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Public Enterprises

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Public Enterprise “Elektroprivreda Srbije” ( “EPS” )

EPS is currently the only producer of electricity in Serbia. Through five of its fully-owned subsidiaries, EPS currently operates the entire natural infrastructure for the production of electricity.

EPS operates the national distribution grid through five fully-owned subsidiaries. These are in charge of the operation of the distribution networks located in five of the regional centres in Serbia: Belgrade, Novi Sad, Niš, Kragujevac and Kraljevo.

In addition, EPS manages two mining basins for the excavation of lignite coal – Kostolac and Kolubara (providing the supply of coal for the thermo power plants) mostly used by TPP “Kolubara”1 and TPP “Nikola Tesla”.

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The privatization of EPS has long been on the agenda of the Serbian Government but so far, there were no concrete movements towards the realization of this plan. The prevailing opinion of the experts and the investment community is that EPS will be ready for the privatization process only after it has been renovated and only after the full liberalization of the energy market and the reform of the energy regulatory framework.

Public Enterprise “Elektromreža Srbije” ( “EMS” )

EMS operates the national transmission grid system and is the operator of the organized market for electrical energy. In its capacity as the operator of the transmission grid, EMS decides on third-party access and connection to the transmission grid and it is also responsible for the allocation of the cross-border transmission capacities. As the market operator, EMS is also responsible for the issuance of the rules of operation of the electricity market governing the trade of electricity on the organized market.

Public Enterprise “Srbijagas ”

“Srbijagas” manages the national infrastructure for the transportation and distribution of natural gas. In its capacity as the operator of the natural gas transportation and distribution systems, “Srbijagas” should issue the transportation and distribution network rules of operation which should govern the technical terms for the connection and use of the transportation and distribution systems. To date, no such rules have been issued.

Aside from the transportation and the distribution of natural gas, “Srbijagas” should also act as the operator of the natural gas storage facilities. Whilst it is supplied with the relevant licenses, “Srbijagas” is not yet effectively conducting this activity as it has not yet finalized the construction of its gas storage facility “Banatski Dvor” in Vojvodina.

Public Enterprise “Transnafta ”

“Transnafta” operates the national oil pipeline system. As the operator of the oil transportation system “Transnafta” should issue the oil pipeline grid code which should prescribe, amongst other things, the terms governing third-party access, as well as technical terms for the connection to the pipeline system. “Transnafta” has not yet issued the transportation system grid code. “Transnafta” also holds the license for the oil products pipeline but this pipeline has not yet been constructed.


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