Serbia expects more investments in capacities that produce energy from renewable sources

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Minister of Mining and Energy Zorana Mihajlovic talked today with Giles Dixon, director of WindEurope, the European Association for Wind Energy, about Serbia’s potential for electricity production from RES, especially when it comes to wind farms, and how Ministry’s plans and auctions for energy producers will be implemented early next year.
– We expect more investments in capacities that produce energy from renewable sources, and I think that the first auctions, which will be at the end of January, will give results. We have an independent, regulatory body (AERS), which will determine the maximum amount of incentives, ie premiums. Our plan is to have greater investments in the RES sector. The goal is to have a minimum of 40% of energy obtained from renewable sources by 2040. I think that is an achievable goal, because we have created a basis for investments, we have passed a new legislative framework, especially the Law on RES, which provides for auctions for energy producers obtained from renewable sources, further improved the investment environment. In the energy development strategy and the national integrated plan for climate and energy, documents that will determine the direction of the energy sector in the coming decades, a large part is occupied by renewable sources, because we are committed to the energy transition process and green agenda – said Mihajlovic.
Giles Dixon, director of WindEurope, said that Serbia had paved the way for the visibility of its capacities in this area by adopting the Law on Renewable Energy and preparing regulations.
– Many financial institutions and funds are inquiring about the potentials of Serbia. There are a large number of companies that want to participate in energy production in your country. I am glad that you have prepared a plan for the first auction, as well as that you will prepare a three-year plan that will create a clear picture for investors for the coming years. In the next period, competition between European countries will grow when it comes to investments in this area, but I think that Serbia has enough potential to attract new investments – said Dixon, eKapija reports.