Serbia, Export of ICT services this year 2.6 billion euros

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Minister of Information and Telecommunications Mihailo Jovanović said, at the opening of the 30th jubilee telecommunications forum “Telfor”, that it is expected that at the end of this year, the export of ICT services will reach over 2.6 billion euros, which would be an increase of 40 percent compared to to the previous one.

“In the last ten years, exports from the ICT sector have increased almost seven times”, said Jovanović, the ministry announced.

He stated that “Telfor”, the largest regional gathering in the field of telecommunications, gave rise to numerous driving ideas.

“The ICT sector has become the generator of half of the new jobs in 2021, and every second job that has been opened in the past year is in this sector. According to Eurostat data, Serbia had one of the largest increases in the number of employees in the ICT sector in Europe, with a growth of over 50 percent compared to 2016”, Jovanović emphasized.

He stated that the relevant ministry continues work on capital projects.

“The implementation of the broadband communication infrastructure development project in rural areas with the aim of covering all households in Serbia with new generation networks is underway, and by the end of this year, the completion of the Connected School project, which the ministry has been working on since 2018, is expected”, said Jovanović, N1 reports.