Serbia has provided enough energy for electricity production

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At the session of the Working Group for Monitoring the Security of Energy and Energy Supply in Serbia, it was concluded that enough energy was provided for uninterrupted operation and production of electricity in thermal capacities, the Ministry of Mining and Energy announced today. At the session, chaired by the Minister of Energy Zorana Mihajlović, data on the state of electricity capacities, reports on the production, transmission and distribution of electricity, as well as the implementation of plans for the procurement of additional quantities of energy for thermal power plants and heating plants were presented.

As it was announced, reports on the state of coal and fuel oil stocks for the operation of thermal power plants were presented, as well as projections on consumption for the period until the end of the month and until the end of the winter season.

The working group also discussed the plan for the procurement of additional quantities of fuel oil, and the previous realization of the transport of that fuel was presented.

The transmission system, as it was said, functions without major problems, as well as the distribution system, which continues with regular, planned maintenance and there are no major, unplanned outages, ie disconnections for users.

The situation in the gas sector and the work of heating plants in Serbia were also discussed, and it was stated that there are no major problems in the functioning of the system, since energy consumption was lower during the holidays.

In addition to representatives of the Ministry of Mining and Energy and the Prime Minister’s Office, representatives of the Public Company “Srbijagas”, Elektroprivreda Srbije, Elektromreža Srbije, Elektrodistribucija, Naftna industrija Srbije, Business Association “Toplane Srbije”, Public Utility Company “Belgrade Power Plant” also took part in the meeting, members of the AERS Council, Directorate for Commodity Reserves, RHMZ, RB Kolubara, Transportgas, PE PEU “Resavica”, Serbia Cargo, Danas reports.