Serbia hopes to adopt an energy strategy next year

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The Minister of Mining and Energy, Zorana Mihajlovic, signed an Agreement with the Director of the Consortium of the Electrical Engineering Institute “Nikola Tesla”, Dragan Kovacevic, for the development of the Energy Development Strategy and the Program for the Realization of the Strategy.
She also signed an agreement with the dean of the Faculty of Geography, Dejan Filipovic, for the preparation of a report on the strategic assessment of the impact of the new strategy on the environment, the Ministry of Mining and Energy announced.
Mihajlovic said that the Government of Serbia and the relevant Ministry initiated major changes in the mining and energy sector by passing four key laws.
“Thus, we have created the basis for a step further, and that is defining strategically important documents to know where we will be in the energy sector by 2040 with a vision by 2050. What Serbia needs, if we are talking about strategic development, is knowledge and vision of where we are going in the coming decades,” said Mihajlovic.
She said that she expects the first presentation of the strategy and the program for its realization to be in November.
“We hope that next year we will adopt this strategy, but also the plan for energy and climate. That as a country we have a basis to be active in the energy transition in which the whole world is. To be faster and more efficient in achieving energy security and a healthier environment,” said Mihajlovic.
Kovacevic said that the development of the Energy Development Strategy is one of the most important documents of the state.
“Through joint work on the development of the Strategy and the realization plan, we will try to follow the motto of Nikola Tesla – prosperity and progress of each individual, nation, state and humanity depends on the way we use energy resources. Our goal is for the strategy to determine the directions of action in the energy sector in the coming decades,” Kovacevic said.
Filipovic said that together they can do a study of environmental impact assessment.
“We have the capacities, we will form a multidisciplinary team and I believe that we will successfully answer the question of how the Strategy affects the environment and recommend measures for the benefit of all,” said Filipovic.
The signing of the contract was also attended by the Dean of the Faculty of Mining and Geology Zoran Gligoric, who said that this faculty can make a significant contribution to the development of energy as an important branch for the development of society as a whole, N1 reports.