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Serbia is the only country in the region with Russian Free Trade Agreement

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arrif free access to over 150 million people is a tempting proposition to do business in a country. Serbia is the only country in the region with a Free trade agreement with Russia. With other free trade agreements, including CEFTA, Turkey, EFTA, Belarus with preferential trade regime with the European Union countries and the United States. Siepa reports that externally, Serbia can serve as a manufacturing hub for duty-free exports to a market of 1 billion people. Serbia is currently in discussions with other countries for bilateral trade agreements. 

The free trade agreements coupled with low corporate profit tax rates and incentives have brought many large investors to Serbia. Belgrade, the capital, has been awarded as the City of the Future for Southern Europe 2007 by the fDi Magazine.

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“Serbia has many lucrative opportunities in agriculture, energy and real estate which is a major attraction to large investors” said Alison Andrews, of Arrowtrak LTD,, a business investment consultanting for the region “In this crisis, i believe the best opportunity lies in creating joint ventures with neighboring countries. There are a lot of incredible products in Serbia which could be exported given the right joint venture.”



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