Serbia is working hard on environmental standards in production

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Minister of Mining and Energy Aleksandar Antic says that Serbia has a high level of total energy production, which makes it far less energy dependent, but that the fact that two thirds of electricity is produced from coal imposes several priorities, among which it is especially important to make production more environmentally responsible and enable greater representation of renewable energy sources.
He said at the conference Green Economy of the Region organized by Adria Media Group that in the past period a lot of work was done to make the production of electricity from coal more environmentally responsible, so almost 400 million euros were invested in various environmental projects in the thermal sector.
“We have significantly improved that segment. We plan additional investments of 900 million euros in ecology in the thermal sector in the coming years,” said Antic, adding that the issue of powder pollution has been resolved, and that the issue of flue gas desulphurization is being addressed.
He mentioned that the second priority is to increase the representation of new projects from renewable energy sources and stated that in the last few years, about 550 megawatts of newly installed capacities from renewable energy sources have been put on the network.
The Minister stated that Serbia was the absolute leader in the region in 2018 and 2019 with new projects, which primarily refers to wind farms.
“We plan to continue with that in the next period,” says Antic and adds that work is being done on the regulatory framework as a basis for new projects in that area.
He said that Serbia has a huge potential when it comes to energy efficiency, and stressed that strong energy efficiency measures can provide the missing energy.
“These are priorities, in all this important is regional cooperation and dialogue with the EU, which must take into account different scenarios in different countries, different economic aspects, different levels of development, the need to adapt the process to the Western Balkans to what the EU has long been accustomed to,” said Antic.
The Minister says that Serbia absolutely understands everything that is happening in terms of energy and at the European level and what the priorities are, and it is investing enormous energy and great efforts to be a part of all these tendencies.
The conference is also attended by the Minister of Energy of the Republic of Croatia Tomislav Coric, the head of the regional office of the European Investment Bank for the Western Balkans Dubravka Negre, the German ambassador to Serbia Thomas Sib, the director of the Energy Community Janez Kopac, and representatives of regional institutions and companies, Dnevnik reports.

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