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Serbia making every effort to incorporate the basic principles and values of ILO into its legislation- Lakicevic

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Serbia`s State Secretary of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy Snezana Lakicevic said yesterday that Serbia is making every effort to incorporate the basic principles and values of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) into its legislation and ensure appropriate mechanisms for their implementation.


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Lakicevic, who is heading a Serbian delegation at the 100th ILO meeting in Geneva, stressed that the Serbian government, with the consultative assistance of experts from the ILO, has prepared a new law on strikes.

She recalled that Serbia last year adopted the Law on prohibition of abuse at work and added that the Agency for the peaceful settlement of labour disputes has so far resolved about 90% of labour disputes.

The State Secretary indicated that significant progress in the field of gender equality has also been achieved.

Serbia passed the Law on gender equality, the National strategy for the advancement of women and promoting gender equality has been adopted as well as an Action plan for implementing the strategy, she said.

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One of the Serbian government’s priorities is the fight against undeclared work, said Lakicevic citing the latest example of government measures taken in May that stimulate employers to register their workers on compulsory social insurance.

The Serbian delegation participating at the annual conference of the ILO also comprises representatives of trade unions and employers.

The conference, which will last until 17 June, has gathered more than 150 delegations from around the world.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin will also address the present.



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