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Serbia, New website for all interested in gaming industry has been created

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Shift2Games, a new site intended for anyone interested in a job in the domestic gaming industry, started its work today. It will serve to inform about positions, companies and opportunities in the video game industry, according to the announcement.

The site Is intended primarily for students, but also for those who are thinking about changing their profession, as well as high school students and their parents.

The ”I”e currently has an index of 35 gaming positions, divided into ten departments.

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Each position is explained in detail: what is the job of the person working in that position, but also how to prepare for the interview, what tools he needs to master, what skills are expected, as well as what formal and informal education provides a good basis for performing these jobs.

In addition, the site contains a database of all educational institutions in Serbia that provide formal or informal education in the field of gaming.

There are also blogs, videos and interviews with people who are already making video games, and the overall content will be expanded regularly.

The concept of the site was designed by the Video Game Industry Association of Serbia (SGA) with the support of the Creative Tech supercluster pilot project supported by USAID Serbia and ICT Hub Belgrade, through the Serbia inovinra project.

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According to the annual report of the Video Game Industry Association of Serbia (SGA), 330 new personnel are needed this year alone, and the positions that are the most difficult to fill are producers, monetization experts and managers.

Developers and all kinds of artists remain the most sought after.

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