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Serbia, NIS earned a record amount of money due to fuel prices

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The Minister of Mining and Energy, Dubravka Đedović, spoke today with the General Director of the Oil Industry of Serbia, Kirill Tjurdenjev, about the company’s operations in the current year, the situation on the global oil market and the planned investments of NIS, in the presence of Finance Minister Siniša Malog and members of the NIS Board of Directors.

This is a record year in terms of results for the NIS company and we are very happy about it, especially considering that the state owns 29.87 percent of the company’s shares. Our goal is for Serbia and its citizens, as co-owners of NIS, to maximize the benefits resulting from excellent results.

On the other hand, the priority is security, the security of supply of the domestic market and the operation of the domestic refinery, which is why we continue to monitor the changes that are happening in Europe and the world, above all those that arose as a result of the announced sanctions on Russian oil and oil derivatives. The urgent task is to find the most efficient and safest way to ensure the largest possible reserves of oil and oil derivatives, in which an open dialogue with the representatives of NIS is of great importance,” said Đedović.

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Kiril Tjurdenjev, general director of NIS, said that the company understands all the challenges and priorities facing the energy sector and will always support the provision of Serbia’s energy security, Danas reports.

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