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Home/News/Serbia, Romania to invest 14 mln euro in Begej navigation channel

Serbia, Romania to invest 14 mln euro in Begej navigation channel

Serbia and Romania plan to invest a total of 13.85 million euro ($16.1 million) in a project for the overhaul of the navigation routes of the Begej transborder channel, the government of Serbia’s autonomous province of Vojvodina said.

A total of 11.77 million euro of the financing will be granted under the Interreg-IPA Cross-border Cooperation Romania-Serbia of the European Union (EU), the Vojvodina government said on Thursday.

The project will allow the navigability of the channel and will include the reconstruction of the locks in Serbia’s Srpski Itebej and Klek, the construction of a dock in Zrenjanin, as well as a cycling track of 40 kilometres from Zrenjanin to the Romanian border, the deputy chairman of Vojvodina’s government, Djordje Milicevic, said.

“The project is of great importance for the establishment and development of sustainable cross-border water transport and, ultimately, for the development of tourism – primarily the nautical for which Vojvodina has exceptional preconditions – but also other complementary industries,” Milicevic said.

The Begej channel, or Bega in Romanian, is 114 km long and links Romania’s Timisoara to Serbia’s Zrenjanin and the Tisa river on Serbian territory. Of the total length, 44 kilometres are on the territory of Romania, and the remaining 70 km on the territory of Serbia. The channel is currently not used for transport purposes.

Source; SeeNews