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Serbia, Startup Seven Bridges became part of Velsera

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Seven Bridges is one of the most successful domestic startups that has been developing advanced products in the field of biomedicine for more than ten years.

As reported by Netocracija, Seven Bridges merged with the companies Pierian and Ugen Tec and became part of the company Velsera, which is headquartered in Boston.

It added that Velsera aims to enable the democratization of biomedical data so that it can be used for successful clinical trials.

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“I look forward to leading the top teams from Pierian, Seven Bridges and UgenTec.” Our executive team has the knowledge and experience to form an entire ecosystem. we understand the needs of users and partners and have insight into the way different parties communicate, and we also know how to uniquely respond to all their needs,” said Velsera founder Gavin Nichols .

The Velsera company was founded recently and deals with the transformation of medical services with the help of a system of precise analysis of biomedical data.

The unification, as explained, was brought about by the joint mission of those companies that want to improve the health system on a global level through a system of precise analysis of biomedical data.

As it is added, this merger completes the vision that Igor Bogićević , the founder of Seven Bridges, set at the beginning, to help the transformation of medicine, as well as to introduce personalized and much better treatments.

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Integration is planned to improve already existing services, but also accelerate the development of new products.

According to the announced plans, this should lead the Velsera company to the position of a leading global provider of technologies for collecting biomedical data used for research in medicine.

Accuracy in medical services is often hindered in everyday practice, and existing companies offer only half-hearted solutions that do not allow for the purposeful and successful use of data.

Velsera’s company will bring together data collected globally, as well as insights from clinical and research and development environments.

We will ensure a continuous flow of knowledge among researchers, scientists and medical professionals to accelerate the flow of research, expand access to clinical care and radically improve human health.

The founding of Velsera was supported by the Summa Equity Fund.

As published by New Economy , a guide was recently published that makes it easier for innovative companies, startups, to reach “angel investors”, Nova Ekonomija reports.

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