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Serbia, The Goša factory has started producing wagons again

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The Goša factory from Smederevska Palanka has started producing wagons again. A prototype of an intermodular wagon for transporting containers of different dimensions and purposes was designed and produced.

“After five years, from a factory in bankruptcy, practically from scratch, with a limited number of people, we have reached the stage where we can build a new wagon for domestic and European railways. It is a great success for us, and in the future, apart from the factory, Smederevska Palanka will also benefit, through the revival of the economy and the creation of new jobs”, said the general manager of the Goša Rail Vehicle Factory (FŠV), Saša Stanisavljević.

As reported by Večernje novosti, the wagon that entered serial production “was made according to the strictest international standards”.

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It is added that it was previously necessary to create a prototype of the undercarriage and to obtain a license for serial production.

The demand for wagons, as noted, is increasing, because the transport of large loads is “increasingly moving from road corridors to railways”.

The wagon is made of domestic materials tested according to international regulations and tested in practical conditions of exploitation, says the General Director of the Railway Wagon Factory (FŽV) Želvoz Svetozar Bugarin, who was in charge of supervising the project.

“The exclusivity is that both the wagon and the production line are completely made by domestic ingenuity and strength.” “From the design phase, through testing, to production, all domestic companies participated, except for the company that certified the wagon”, said the Bulgarian.

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The Bulgarian underlines that Goša had a lot of support in this work, Nova Ekonomija writes.

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