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Serbia, The inflow of remittances from abroad to Serbia amounted to 4,622.7 million euros

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The central bank expects that the inflow of remittances will be large in December, as was the case in previous years.

They state that since February of last year, there has been a year-on-year increase in the inflow of remittances in every month, with stable amounts of inflow of remittances per month being recorded throughout the year.

The NBS indicates that they use the methodology of the balance of payments of the International Monetary Fund (BPM6), according to which remittances are included through an item called personal transfers and which includes workers’ remittances, pensions and other social benefits, as well as aid and gifts from abroad, sent to individuals persons resident in Serbia.

The most money from remittances, according to data from the National Bank of Serbia. comes from Germany, 27 percent, Switzerland, 14 percent, Austria, 11 percent, France and the USA, six percent each.

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When it comes to the currency structure, the NBS says that, bearing in mind that part of the remittances comes in cash, it is not possible to give it precisely. but certainly the largest part of the inflow refers to remittances in euros.

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