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Serbia, The main index of the Belgrade Stock Exchange rose by 1.2 percent

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On the Belgrade Stock Exchange, the Belex15 index, which measures the basket of the most liquid stocks, rose by 1.2 percent last week, the Momentum Securities brokerage announced.

This main index of the Belgrade Stock Exchange has been growing for three weeks in a row and last week it reached 816.5 points and is slightly lower compared to the beginning of the year. The total turnover on the market, thanks to government bonds, amounted to 2.5 billion dinars (21.4 million euros).

The most traded share was the Messer Tehnogas share, which kept the same value of 12,300 dinars, but the largest part of the turnover of 29.3 million dinars was realized at a price of 11,800 dinars, and the likely seller is the Croatian investment fund ZB Invest, which is on its way to fully liquidates the position in that security.

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The share price of Dunav Insurance is on an upward trend, and the turnover was 9.3 million dinars. Shares of that insurance company jumped 3.8 percent, to 1,146 dinars, after falling to this year’s minimum of 1,022 dinars at the beginning of the month.

Shares of the Oil Industry of Serbia (NIS) registered a modest turnover after the investment activity intensified immediately after the announcement of the business results for the first nine months, and their price increased by 1.5 percent, to 665 dinars, with a turnover of 8.3 million dinars.

Metalac shares stabilized slightly below the level of 1,600 dinars with light trading. The company itself continued to acquire its own shares after they fell to a six-year low of 1,220 dinars two weeks earlier.

The losers were led by Impol Seval, which fell 5.2 percent, to 4,738 dinars, with little turnover. This company’s shares in the current year still carry an excellent yield of 28 percent after a big jump in profitability and the payment of a record dividend, Danas reports.

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