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Serbia, Wheat and corn became cheaper on the Product Exchange

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Last week, the price of wheat fell by 5.6 percent on the Product Exchange in Novi Sad, compared to the price of seven days earlier, and the price of corn fell by 1.7 percent, the exchange announced today.

Buyers’ interest was focused more on wheat with 11-12 percent protein, although it was also offered with 13 percent protein.

Exchange contracts for wheat with 11-12 percent protein were concluded in the range of 27 to 28 dinars per kilogram, excluding value added tax (VAT).

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The average price of wheat was 27.49 dinars per kilogram, without VAT, and 30.23 dinars with that tax. That price was 5.62 percent lower compared to the price of the previous week.

Maize was sold at a price of 26.50 to 28 dinars per kilogram, excluding VAT, depending on the percentage of moisture and whether the goods with aflatoxin analysis were offered.

Corn buyers are domestic processors, traders and regional exporters, and the contracts were concluded in the range of 27 to 28 dinars per kilogram, excluding VAT. The average price was 27.41 dinars, without VAT, and 30.15 dinars per kilogram with VAT, which is a decrease of 1.76 percent compared to seven days earlier.

A certain amount of corn with a moisture content of up to 16 percent was sold at 26 dinars per kilogram, excluding VAT.

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The price of soybeans in the offer was from 64 to 64.50 dinars, excluding VAT, with the calculation of quality, but there were no buyers, as was the case for feed barley, at a price of 30 dinars, excluding VAT.

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