Serbia will be put on the map of European destinations for spa tourism

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Today in Vranjska Banja, the Prime Minister of Serbia, Ana Brnabic, stated that her “heart is crying” when she sees how many mineral and hot waters have “gone” in the past decades, because Serbia did not use them or used only a small part.
It was used in the time of King Peter, and then it was not for decades and it was scattered as if we were the richest country. Even the richest would not do it so irresponsibly, but that time has changed, said Ana Brnabic.
She stated that a hotel will be opened in Vranjska Banja in two years “and that we will put ourselves on the map of European destinations for spa tourism”.
Some of our ancestors will look and say “every part, this is the Serbia we wanted and built, Serbia is finally waking up and resurrected”, stated Ana Brnabic, stating that she does not understand how someone can attack a project in Vranjska Banja.
Everything fell apart and you bring in an investor who is building all this and then someone tells you “when we come to power, we will tear everything down”. That is abnormal, said Ana Brnabic.
According to her, that project will change the entire district and Serbia will get something it has never had.
According to the government’s website, Brnabic stated that she attended the signing of the contract between the “Millennium Team” and the international American brand “Marriott”, under which these hotels will be located, and that since then she wanted to come and see how the works are progressing.
According to her, the hotel complex, worth about 90 million euros, should be ready in 2023, Danas reports.