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Serbia will do everything to prevent departure of false asylum seekers to EU

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Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration Bozidar Djelic said today that Serbia will do everything to prevent the inflow of false asylum seekers from Serbia to EU states and preserve its place on the white Schengen list as a key achievement of European integration.
Speaking about the announced implementation of rules of the European Commission on protection of the Schengen area, Djelic explained that most of these changes do not apply to our country, but some of them do.

These changes include a clause according to which one or more EU countries which recorded an increase of more than 50% of asylum requests could launch a procedure that would lead to the freezing of the visa-free regime for several months.

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Djelic said that all the details of this mechanism have not yet been worked out and that he will discuss that tomorrow with Tanja Fajon, who was European Parliament’s rapporteur for visa liberalisation.

Djelic voiced hope that reform of the Schengen area will not be done only in a way that will provide additional security for the EU, but will also help our country to prevent the abuse of visa-free regime.

The Deputy Prime Minister said that this means that those who abused the right to asylum might be indentified in a certain way and a whole set of other measures that in no event will constitute a violation of human rights.


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