Serbia will have enough oil both for itself and for export

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In Serbia, as in the world, there is a decline in sunflower production, but we will have enough oil for ourselves and for export, said agro-economic analyst Žarko Galetin.

He added that the yield of sunflowers will be reduced, but he cited as a favorable circumstance the fact that this year we had a record large area under this crop.

“We will have enough for domestic needs, some for export, and how much we will be able to export, we will know when the harvest is over. Probably about a hundred thousand tons”, Galetin told RTS.

He pointed out that the big drop in sunflower production was felt all over the world, partly because of the drought, partly because of the war in Ukraine, and stated that the total world production is about 50 million tons, which is about 12 percent less than usual production.

Galetin said that the only solution is for the world not to fear whether it will have enough oil to increase the agricultural areas under sunflower, B92 reports.