Serbia will invest six billion euros in water management

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In the next few years, Serbia will invest almost six billion euros in water management, of which 4.3 billion for water protection from pollution, and one and a half billion euros in water supply, Prime Minister Ana Brnabic announced in her address at the Chinese global “Eco Forum Guiyang 2021″.
Brnabic pointed out that one of the most important priorities of the Government of Serbia is the improvement of the system of financing and investment and planning in the sector of environmental protection and the realization of specific projects in this area.
“We will invest in improving air quality monitoring, replacing heating boilers by switching to less polluting fuel. We will build new regional waste management centers and work on closing and rehabilitating about 3,500 illegal landfills in cities and municipalities throughout Serbia, and we will allocate funds and increasing the afforestation of the country,” stated Brnabic.
The Prime Minister mentioned that Serbia and China have intensive cooperation in the field of environmental protection, with huge potential for its further improvement and expansion.
She reminded that a contract was signed with the Chinese company CRBC for the construction of sewerage infrastructure in the value of 2.73 billion euros, as well as the construction of infrastructure for the disposal of communal, solid waste of 265 million euros.
“The total value of the ‘Clean Serbia’ project is around 3 billion euros and it will be realized in about seventy municipalities in Serbia. We see this project only as the beginning of cooperation between Serbia and China in the field of environmental protection,” Brnabic said.
She expressed her belief that there is a significant space for further cooperation in the field of environmental protection and green transformation to be further deepened.
The Prime Minister mentioned that the world today needs a new concept of development that reduces dependence on fossil fuels, separates growth from the use of new resources and in which the poorest and most vulnerable are protected from the consequences of transition.
“Eco-civilization as a concept is an important contribution to all smaller countries, as an idea aimed at promoting sustainable development through the exchange of knowledge, experiences and practical cooperation with China and other countries. Cooperation will bring us closer to achieving UN sustainable development goals by 2030,” said Brnabic.
The Prime Minister also pointed out that Serbia is currently in the development phase when it is necessary to turn to the topic of environment and environmental sustainability, and that the Government of Serbia is working on developing a strategic and legal framework for low-carbon development and circular economy.
She reminded that at the Climate Change Summit, President Aleksandar Vucic also pointed out Serbia’s aspiration to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 13.2 percent compared to 2010 and by 33.3 percent compared to 1990.
Brnabic also pointed out that Serbia will increase energy efficiency and the percentage of renewable energy sources in electricity production, as well as in industry, heating and transport, and these ambitions will be expressed in the future low-carbon development strategy with an action plan and integrated plan for energy and climate which will soon be adopted.
“We see Serbia in 2050 as a low-carbon society with a competitive and resource-efficient economy, and provides citizens with new green jobs and a quality of life in a more climate-resistant society,” Brnabic said.
She also stated that Serbia is currently the only country in the region that has developed a roadmap for the circular economy, which provides guidelines for the development of a modern, resource and energy efficient circular economy and connects actors involved in the transition from linear to circular economy.
She added that the experience of China’s partners in achieving a balance between the requirements for rapid GDP growth, fair distribution of new value and environmental protection and sustainable development is very important to Serbia.
Brnabic also pointed out that the political relations between Serbia and China are extraordinary and that they are characterized by a comprehensive strategic partnership and steel friendship, adding that she is proud that the relations between the two countries are at the highest historical level.
The Prime Minister reiterated that Serbia pays great attention and support to the Chinese initiative “Belt and Road” and the comprehensive platform of cooperation between China and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.
The “Eco Forum Global Guiyang” has been organized since 2009 and is the only high-level forum on the topic of th environment and environmental protection organized in China at the national level.
It is being held today and tomorrow in the city of Guiyang in Guizhou Province, and the topic of this year’s forum is low-carbon transformation and green development, RTV reports.