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Serbian company develops procedure for enriching water with dissolute oxygen

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A small Serbian company developed procedure for enriching water with dissolute oxygen, together with solar portable device for performing this procedure. Mostly applicable for fish, oysters and crustaceans breeding; useful also in industrial waste water, fecal water or in water treatment.  The company has other patents. The innovation of the process includes injection of compressed oxygen under the water to the bottom water of lake or fish pond, allowing that the water on the bottom could be exposed (in O2 bell) to pure oxygen. The portable device is ecological and environmentally safe. Uniqueness of the process consists of hydrostatic compacting pressure exploitation, acting on the bottom, and oxygen pressure in commercial package. The increased demand of healthy food and ecological aspects make this technology a good solution. Partners will receive a complete technical consultancy.

The company will transfer its know-how to the partner in order to better perform processes of enriching water or reaching better quality of fish. The main benefit for the users is a better yield and healthier fish with lower costs and greater saving in using liquid oxygen, as well as unique technical solution in enriching water with oxygen, using solar energy and the air from the atmosphere. In area of aeration of water spaces, waste water will be cleared from any unpleasant smell. The innovation is evident in following: portable device could be automatically switched-on even by phone messages, when amount of oxygen decreases under 1 mg/l; application of solar energy.


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