Serbian honey breaks records on the world market

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After a long and cold winter, beekeepers will start the first works of the season in March. They visit the hives and prepare the worker bees for the first spring grazing. They are expecting a good year after several bad ones, and the record price on the world market is in favor of that.

They visit and open the baskets every day and add the necessary nutrition.

“We are preparing our hard-working workers for the first grazing, for drainage, then for apricots, geraniums and plums. So far, they have withstood these weather conditions in their favor. Fortunately, the frost in March did not decimate the fruits and there will be no huge losses if the weather conditions are positive, as is now announced. The hives are already being opened to see the condition of the “bread”, says Sveta Stamenković, one of the most famous beekeepers in Western Serbia, who has 54 queens in her household, writes “Telegraf biznis”.

Serbian honey is known on the European and world market for its excellent quality, which can be recognized “by eye”. After a few bad ones, beekeepers are now hoping for a good year, which is supported by the historically high purchase price.

“Yields were decimated, both because of the frost that destroyed the fruit last season, and because of the unscrupulous use and application of agro-technical measures in orchards, so in that way some fruit growers destroyed entire queens. The current price is more than seven euros for one kilogram of our molten gold, which is a great price “, says Stamenković.

Last year, beekeepers formed the Association of Beekeepers of Serbia (SPS), and within it, a purchase center began operating, which enables the purchase and packaging of products.

“With the help of that, honey can be taken directly from the producers, placed on the market, and the money can be paid directly to beekeepers.” The Association of Beekeepers has about 8,000 members and that association proved to be a complete success “, says Stamenković, Sputnik writes.