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Serbian operator to install 30 antennas throughout Kosovo

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Mobile Telephony of Serbia (MTS) on Monday received from the relevant Kosovo body 60,000 mobile and 74,000 landline numbers.

MTS also received locations for placing 30 antennas throughout Kosovo, the Pristina-based Zeri newspaper reported, quoted by Beta.

This decision was based on a telecommunications agreement reached between Pristina and Belgrade during the Brussels talks.

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MTS, according to Zeri, will have mobile numbers from 100000 to 159999 under the calling code 047, while the landline numbers will remain the same.

In the Pristina region, MTS will have 14,000 landline numbers, in the Kosovska Mitrovica region 46,000, in Urosevac 6,000 and in Gnjilane 8,000.

MTS antennas will be placed at 30 locations, specifically in Mitrovica North, Zubin Potok, the village of Zupce, Mali Zvecan, Kuril, Vrbovac, Josanica, Banjska, Lesak, the monasteries Sokolica, Devic, Patriarchate of Pec, Visoki Decani, Velika Hoca, Gracanica, Ranilug, Silovo, Donja Budriga, Strpce and Brezovica.

The numbers and locations for antennas were handed to MTS by the Kosovo Regulatory Authority of Electronic and Postal Communications.

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