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Serbians “already see results of China’s Belt and Road”

Prime Minister Ana Brnabic said on Monday that Serbia’s citizens are “already seeing the results of the Chinese Belt and Road initiative.”

They see it in new roads, bridges, reconstruction and modernization of railways, energy projects, environmental protection and economic cooperation with Chinese companies, Brnabic said, according to the Serbian government.

Participating in the third international conference of the Belgrade Strategic Dialogue “Belt and Road Initiative in the Balkans”, Brnabic said that Chinese companies saved 5,000 jobs only in Smederevo and that in RTB Bor, where a strategic partner from China was selected, 5,000 work places will be saved directly and 25,000 indirectly.

She reminded that the Serbian Cultural Center Ivo Andric” opened in Beijing on November 29, Serbia’s second abroad after Paris, and added that she is eagerly waiting for the opening of the Chinese Cultural Center in Belgrade.

Brnabic pointed out that when the world is increasingly promoting mistrust in the world, it is a pleasure to be at a conference that promotes open dialogue, and that it is an honor for Serbia to engage in such a kind of dialogue on an equal footing with China.

A consistent policy of a stretched arm and non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries has made China a great friend and sincere partner of all who share the same kind of benevolent attitude towards the world, the prime minister underlined.

She said that, thanks to the diligent work and extraordinary relations of the Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and the President of China Xi Jinping, relations between Serbia and China are at a historic high today.

“Let us unite our strengths the way friends do it to the satisfaction of each other,” Brnabic said and stressed that the government will continue to support joint projects.