Serbia’s budget for environmental projects is 200 million euros

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The Minister of Environmental Protection in the Government of the Republic of Serbia, Irena Vujović, stated today that the ministry she heads is dedicated to the Green Agenda and that she is working intensively on improving the quality of air, water and land in the country.
Speaking on Tanjug Television, Vujović announced that recycling centers will be built throughout Serbia next year, in order to improve the quality of people’s lives, according to a statement published on the Government’s website.
She reminded that on December 17, an agreement was signed with public utility companies from four cities in which regional recycling centers are planned.
The first phase includes Valjevo, Sombor, Uzice and Nova Varos, where the selection of contractors will start at the end of March, who will start work by June next year, the minister announced and estimated that it would significantly change the environmental picture of Serbia.
According to her, solid waste management is done in the most modern way, so that the waste is disposed of according to the rules and ready for recycling, and waste disposal is done according to the principles of circular economy in cooperation with higher education institutions in the country.
Vujović conveyed that the budget of the Ministry of Environmental Projects amounts to 125 million euros, and 75 million euros of loans from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the French Development Agency and the Council of Europe have been provided for this sector.
Also, as she added, the line ministry, in cooperation with the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, planned environmental projects worth 100 million euros.
She announced that the Ministry will start the construction of a hundred kilometers of sewerage, as well as that over six thousand kilometers are planned to be built with the help of Chinese partners and the Ministry of Construction.
When it comes to projects that cover the waters of Serbia, the Minister specified that 26 wastewater treatment plants have been set up and that eight regional centers will improve the water treatment system in the country.
In order to reduce air pollution, the Ministry subsidized the replacement of boilers in heating plants and individual fireplaces in households across the country last year, she pointed out, adding that more than 800 home fireplaces were replaced in 2021.
According to her, boiler rooms have been replaced in more than 40 cities, while in some cities entire city heating plants have been replaced, such as Smederevo, Kragujevac, Novi Pazar, Valjevo and Kosjerić, and in more than 30 municipalities boilers in schools, clinics and cultural centers have been replaced.
In order to raise the air quality to a higher level, Vujović mentioned that the Ministry is also working on afforestation, and that one 840 thousand euros were set aside for planting forests last year, which is 150,000 trees planted on 420 hectares.
She announced that the trend of afforestation will continue next year, and also invited local self-government units to apply for competitions, which start as early as mid-January.
Vujović said that the Ministry will continue to invest in environmental projects, and in the next year it will continue with projects related to the removal of landfills and cultivation of those areas, eKapija reports.