Serbia’s economic growth in the second quarter will be 15 percent

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The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, stated that the economic growth in the second quarter is expected to be 15 percent, and it was planned to be 10.6 percent.
Vucic in Nova Pazova, at the ceremony on the occasion of the beginning of the construction of the factory of the MTU company, the leader engine manufacturer in Germany, said that the Serbian economy is growing thanks to large investments and investments.
“In a few more days, a week, we expect official results, but according to the forecast in the second quarter, we expect a growth of 15 percent,” Vucic said in Nova Pazova.
As he stated, it is planned that the growth for the second quarter will be 10.6 percent, in order to reach a growth of six percent on an annual level at the end of the year.
“Growth in the second quarter will be 15 percent, and after 1.7 percent in the first, that is 8.35 percent in the middle of the year. I think that few countries in Europe will be able to compete with Serbia,” Vucic said.
He pointed out that they had been waiting for this day for three years, because the arrival of a high-tech company such as MTU is an indicator of how much Serbia has progressed in previous years.
Vucic stated that the competition to Serbia was a much stronger state, a member of the European Union.
We fought for them, literally on a daily basis, he explained, emphasizing that the salary in MTU will be three times higher than the average in Serbia.
Vucic reminded that German companies in Serbia currently have 70,789 employees, and that the government will continue to fight for the arrival of new investors from that country, working day and night for more to come.
We will do our best, knowledge, energy and the best people we have, he said, N1 reports.