Serbia’s energy security has always been linked to geopolitical relations

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Serbia’s energy security has always been linked to geopolitical relations, we cannot escape from that and we will have to adjust in order to achieve our goals by 2050, said Minister of Energy Zorana Mihajlovic at the Kopaonik Business Forum.

“The Law on Renewable Energy Sources is the first such law in Serbia, and we will know in a few years whether it is applicable. Another important law is the issue of energy efficiency, because we are a country that consumes more energy per household than the average. I think it is very important to see what we are starting with and where we are today. We are a country that has not built anything in the field of energy for more than 30 years. The other part of the problem is coal and its quality. It is not possible to close thermal power plants in the next 10 years, but we can reduce them, “said Mihajlović at the panel on energy efficiency.

Mihajlović pointed out that the amount of coal that is put into power plants is increasing and that this further means that we have to add fuel oil, which is also very harmful.

“We spend 220 million euros a year on losses on the network. The solution for that is new capacities and renewable energy sources. We will see in the next period whether we will consider another energy source in the next discussions, and that is nuclear energy,” Mihajlovic pointed out.

She said that the distribution of gas is good for now, but the plan is to have more suppliers, not just one, and that is Russia, and added that the goal is to achieve that as much as next year, N1 reports.