Serbia’s energy system is stable, without restrictions and price increases

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The Prime Minister of Serbia, Ana Brnabić, stated today that the electricity system of Serbia is stable and that there will be no restrictions on electricity, as well as no increase in the price of electricity and gas.
Brnabic said that there are problems in the energy system and that the whole of Europe and the world have them, but that work is being done to solve them.
As she said, the hydrological situation is somewhat better, which is expected to help even more.
– We have ensured that we have normal operation of the system until the end of the heating season, but we monitor energy reserves every day and how much we need to buy more so as not to stop the economy and the citizens do not feel the consequences. I think we are holding up well – Brnabić told reporters in Belgrade, where she participated in the online conference “Talents Online 4.0”.
When asked why a new director of EPS was not elected because the mandate of the current acting director expired a long time ago, Brnabić said that a competition for the director of EPS will be announced and that the Government will choose the best candidate.
– We can talk about Grčić this or that, whether he is competent or not, but in 2012 we had restrictions and then no one asked about responsibility and expertise and dismissals due to restrictions – said Brmabić.
According to her, that also speaks of the freedom of the media in 2012, in which, she says, those questions were not allowed to be asked.
– Today, Serbia is a much different country, four directors in EPS have been replaced, acting the director resigned, there were no restrictions – said Brnabić.
She added that an investigation is still underway into whether there was sabotage in the standstill of the Nikola Tesla thermal power plant.
Asked whether she feels responsible as Prime Minister due to the accident at the “Nikola Tesla” thermal power plant, Brnabic said that she feels responsible for everything that happens in Serbia every day.
– I feel responsible for everything that goes wrong, regardless of how directly or indirectly I am responsible for something – said Brnabić, Blic reports.