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“Serbia’s tech industry-related exports reach billion euros”

Minister of Finance Sinisa Mali said on Wednesday in Vienna, Austria, that digitization is one of the priorities of the Serbian government.

Much has been done in that area, Mali told a ministerial meeting held within the framework of the Berlin process.

Speaking at the panel “A common approach to the digitized Western Balkans”, Mali said that IT industry generates 10 percent of Serbia’s GDP, and is recording high growth rates year in year out.

“This year alone we have made almost one billion euros in exports thanks to that industry, and I am especially pleased that a large number of young people see their future in this business. It is our obligation to employ these people and to give them the opportunity to fulfill their dreams in our country,” the minister said, according to the Serbian government.

Mali also noted that programming classes have been introduced to both elementary and secondary schools, and “underlined that as of this year 1,750 schools have safe internet, which is very important because in that way we show that we care for our children and young people.”

Source; B92