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Simpo invests 3.2 million euros in reconstruction of factory in Bujanovac

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Dragan Tomic, the President of Simpo, has announced reconstruction of the factory in Bujanovac, worth 3.2 million euros, which will enable creation of 70 new jobs. Tomic said that the factory would be reconstructed like the factory in Trgoviste.

He added that, in spite of the economic crisis, people at the company were optimistic because of the fact that the volume of the agreed sales was much larger than in 2009.

– We have signed a new agreement worth 15 million euros with Ikea, which will also be delivered 100,000 mattresses from the factory in Bujanovac, worth 5 million euros – he said.

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Simpo’s sales in foreign markets grew by 22% this year. The sales in the domestic market dropped due to lower purchasing power so that the overall sales grew by only 10%.

– In spite of that, I am of the opinion that we achieved the best results in the lumber industry in Serbia – Tomic said and added that Simpo had also employed 129 workers in 2010.

– The aim is to increase the production and revenues in order for the people in our area to live a better life – Tomic emphasized and pointed out that the problem lay in the lack of young and competent staff.


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