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Single excise tax for petrol, diesel fuel to be introduced by Serbian govt.

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The Serbian government adopted at yesterday’s session a Bill amending the Law on excise tax, revoking different excise tax on different types of oil derivatives and introducing single excise tax for petrol and diesel fuel.

According to these amendments, single excise tax of RSD 49.5 per litre will be valid for all types of motor petrol, while diesel fuel will be taxed RSD 37 per litre.

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The government also adopted a Bill ratifying a trade agreement between the governments of Serbia and Kuwait, a Bill ratifying an agreement between Serbia and Morocco on cooperation in culture, higher education, scientific research, education, professional development, communications, youth and sport and a Bill ratifying an agreement between the Serbian government and Bosnia-Herzegovina Council of Ministers on cooperation in education, culture and sport.

The government adopted a National Employment Strategy for the period 2011–2020 which determines the policy of employment and its goals and priorities by 2020. Support to FDI and export-oriented programmes will be particularly endorsed as measures aimed at creating conditions for new jobs.

It also passed a programme of support to sustainable development of underdeveloped areas through the use of budget funds for 2011.

A Decree defining priority tourist destinations, zones, locations and categories of resorts in priority tourist sites and a Decree on border values of priority hazardous substances polluting surface waters were also passed.

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The government tasked Minister of Justice Snezana Malovic to coordinate activities of public administration organs and state organs in the fight against corruption.

In compliance with the Law on asylum, a decision was made to establish a Centre for Asylum to provide accommodation and basic living conditions for foreigners who apply for asylum on the Serbian territory, for the period before the final decision is reached.

A decision was made to present volleyball players Mara Totic and Milka Vejnovic with national sport recognitions for their gold medals at the world championship.



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