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Smart Cities are approaching!

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As Smart Grid Technology, Best Practices, and Business Models mature, the moment our cities “go smart” becomes increasingly visible on the horizon. In fact, that time is now! The conference: The 2nd Annual Smart Grids – Smart Cities will bring together the cumulative experience of the world’s famous Smart Grid pilots – InovGrid, Portugal, EcoGrid, Bornholm, EU, Malaga, Spain, Masdar City, UAE, Eco-City Tianjin, China, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Israel, Austria, UK, Germany and Czech Republic. The conference will showcase the evolution of projects from the roll out of pilot and full scale infrastructure to the selection and optimization of  transmission, billing, and customer relations.

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This year Fleming Europe teams up with the international leader in energy sector EDP  Distribuição and prepares for the participants an outstanding experience – a field trip to EDP’s InovGrid Project in Evora.  The project aims to install an intelligent energy grid places in Portugal at the cutting edge of technological innovation and service provision in Europe.

Creating a well functioning Smart Grid requires seamless interface between hardware and software; but as important, it requires the steady cultivation of a new customer utility relationship. Felipe-Alvarez Figuerola, of Endesa will guide delegates through the architecture of Spain’s smart city, Malaga, where innovation is being introduced both in terms of the grid’s technology and the new relationships which underpin it.

While Amsterdam allows us to track the challenges future smart cities will face, and Malaga illuminates the utility customer relationship, the developments at MASDAR City UAE, provide a clear look into the future of the commercialization of integrated renewables, carbon capture, energy efficiency, water conservation, and a 100% electric transportation system.

MASDAR’s development will rely on an extensive set of public and private finance, and will tie in numerous research and development centers led by G.E., Torresol, WinWInd, and others to both develop and track the implementation and usage of a whole suite of generation, transmission, tracking, and management tools. Built from the ground up with these capacities in mind, we will be guided through its potential by Masdar Institiute of Technology.

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What will the impacts of these developments be as they mature in the U.S., Europe, the Middle East, and elsewhere? Antonella Battaglini from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research will focus on the manner in which these technologies impact our communities and society as a whole.

The 2nd Annual Smart Grids, Smart Cities will share real-life applications, new energy policies and develop recommendations for the rapid development of new key technologies for smart grids. Stakeholder groups will examine the benefits and barriers related to grid modernization, Utilities and vendors will share their adjustments to a changing business model that increasingly revolves around a renewed focus on consumer needs.

In addition to showcasing best practices in smart grid implementation, The 2nd ANNUAL SMART GRIDS – SMART CITIES will feature industry-leading dialogue among consumers, local governments, and the financial community, which will yield important insights for all who are discussing and building Smart Grids.

For further information please contact Kristina Jurikova via email on or dial +421 257 272 153 or visit

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