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South East Europe markets – companies

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Doing Business in South Eastern Europe Markets – Serbia Montenegro Macedonia Croatia Bosnia and Hercegovina, emerging markets countries offering lower costs of production and excelent conditions for expanding your business. Other SEE countries – markets of Slovenia Romania Bulgaria Greece and Turkey are also in our field of business networking and promotion.

Find your alternative supplier from Serbia Montenegro Macedonia Croatia Bosnia, business partner.Explore the markets of more than 20mil consumers and alternatives in more than 10.000 respective referential firms, expand your offers and products. We are networked with SEE markets stakeholders and actors in – energy sector, metal production, textile, furniture industry etc.Forward your offer – business proposal to more than 10.000 network members, companies – stakeholders – consumers – partners.As potential investor you are now in position to benefit from the continuous improvements in the SEE countries business emerging market.

Whether you are foreign investor or company planning to establish or expand your business operation in SEE region, requiring information on business and investment opportunities in SEE countries, Doing Business In SEE promotion project will provide you with cost effective resources and assets.Assets – providing SEE markets competitive advantages and Resources – selected referential companies in SEE region – Serbia Montenegro Croatia Macedonia Bosnia H.

The region of SEE with its emerging markets of Serbia Montenegro Croatia Macedonia Bosnia & Hercegovina has a number of referential suppliers, production and services providers who can be a cost effective source for your business development in the region. You can lower your production costs by linking with local suppliers who can provide standardized quality at better competive price than their counterparts in EU markets. Keep the quality of your products toward your clients in EU and other markets with matching your needs and available existing business potentials.

Number of companies from SEE region in Serbia Montenegro Croatia Macedonia Bosnia & Hercegovina are experienced and with high level of quality toward the clients and EU markets – clients demands.

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On this pages we will recommend several companies in various sectors of interest, production companies and services providers from Serbia Montenegro Croatia Macedonia Bosnia & Hercegovina. Industry sector overview will give you also general informations on developed industry sectors in all referential countries, from metal production – energy related products and services, auto – wood production, textile – food production and highly competitive IT sector as well as other competitive service areas like tourism, business services – consultancies etc.

Detail markets – sector analysis for Serbia Montenegro Croatia Macedonia Bosnia & Hercegovina can be provided on your demand, and within your specific area of interest, as well as detailed corporate company insights.

From market insight to matching of your partner in the region, including EU member states( Bulgaria, Romania) business stakeholders, our team already experienced a number of various business development and investment projects with clients from all world markets. Recognized efficiency and local presence deep insight and networking are confirmed with cooperation with a number of International business institutions as well as with leading business consultancies.

Major Companies in SEE markets is a multimedia informational system aiming at offering the most accurate and comprehensive sources of information on doing business in SEE markets.

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Major Companies in SEE markets – Serbia – Croatia – Montenegro – Bosnia H – Macedonia -is an exclusive system that features extended presentation profiles of the most representative companies in the main industry sectors of the SEE economies.

Structured in 26 chapters, representing the most important industry sectors, Major Companies in SEE markets includes basic information about the major players in each related field, but also provides extended company profiles of the relevant players.

Promoting the corporate image of the leading companies in each industry sectors, Major Companies in SEE targets mainly the top management level of the international companies based in SEE and of the local companies operating on this market, interested in attracting financing and / or developing major projects and significant business partnerships.

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