Stable supply of energy to Serbia

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The supply of the Serbian market with oil, oil derivatives and natural gas is stable at the moment and we have no reason to worry, said today Rasa Kojcic, Assistant Minister of Mining and Energy Zorana Mihajlovic.

“The Ministry of Mining and Energy has done a lot to harmonize with EU directives, and in the last year we have increased the obligatory reserves of oil and oil derivatives by 30 percent. “We are working to ensure 61 days of average daily consumption in reserves this year, in accordance with EU standards, “Kojcic told TV Vesti.

He reminded that the state had taken measures to protect domestic consumers, the Ministry of Mining and Energy announced.

“The great energy crisis has affected the whole world, and in accordance with that, many countries in our region and the whole world have reacted and limited the prices of derivatives in order to protect domestic consumers.” We have limited the price of Eurodiesel to 179 dinars in retail and unleaded gasoline to 171 dinars. Croatia, Hungary and many other countries have done the same. “We are closely following the developments on the crude oil market, which are directly reflected in the prices of energy in retail,” he said.

The assistant minister said that Serbia has started works on the construction of a gas interconnector between Serbia and Bulgaria, which will contribute to greater security of natural gas supply.

“The Nis-Dimitrovgrad interconnector will contribute to the diversification of routes and natural gas suppliers.” Through it, we will be able to connect to the interconnector between Bulgaria and Greece, which will be completed according to the announcements this year. This gives us the possibility of supplying gas from the Southern Gas Corridor, which runs from the Caspian Sea via Azerbaijan, Turkey and Greece. In addition to new interconnections, we should also work on the expansion of underground gas storages, which gives us new strategic reserves that mean a lot during the interruption in the delivery of this energy source, “he said.

Kojcic reminded that a few days ago, Deputy Prime Minister Zorana Mihajlovic visited the Pancevo Thermal Power Plant, which will contribute to the improvement of Serbia’s energy security.

“170 million euros have been invested in the construction of the new heating plant, which will be opened soon, and about 120 people will work in it.” This plant is important for cogeneration, production efficiency and environmental protection. The power plant will have an installed capacity of 200 megawatts, and it is planned that 65 percent of the produced electricity will be placed in the electric power system of Serbia. This is the first highly efficient heating plant in Serbia and the region that will use natural gas as fuel for the production of electricity and heat, “said the assistant minister, RTV reports.